Révélations hongroises: The films of the previous seasons

Animal Lovers - Tünderkék de Katalin Riedl

(2003, 4’, Betacam SP)
paintings on paper assembled by computer

A petshop keeper has two regular costumers: two old ladies. One always buys birds, the other one buys cats.One day he gets curious and make his mind to follow them. What he discovers could boost his buisiness.

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Arlequin de Kinga Rofusz

(2003, 6'28, 35 mm)
Drawing on cell

Memories of an old acrobat from the circus and about the beautiful days that had faded away and his lost love.

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Café - Kávéház de Rozi Békés

(2002, 2’03’’, Mini DV)
computer animation (Flash)

A short slice of life in a Budapest Kavéház (Café)… far from outside restlessness.

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Ex-ist Logo de István Heim

(1999, 0’20’’, Betacam SP)
paintings on paper assembled by computer

The letters of the name of Exist dance in the dark; and when somebody opens the door and the light rays in, they suddenly jump to their right place.

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The Fairy with the seven heads - A Hétfejű tündér de Andrea Kiss

(1998, 10’03’’, 16 mm)
puppet animation, paint on glass

The Ugliest man in the world lives in a village far, far away. Desperate and bitter about his outlooks, he blames for his ugliness the “Fairy with the seven heads”. He decides to take revenge…

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Krok film de Andrea Kiss, Zsuzsanna Szabó

(2002, 2’03’’, 16 mm)
3D traditionnal animation (recycled items)

The film is in-between a diary, an animated documentary, a spiritual journey… and a tribute to the Russian-Ukrainian Krok animated film festival.

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Liaison - Szerelem A Székraktárba de Éva M. Tóth

(1997, 3’10’’, 35 mm)
drawing on cel

At the beginning of the film: abstract shapes, lines, textures and… motion. Slowly appears the story of a (love?) relation, a “liaison”.
The film is, somehow a choregraphic attempt to connect abstract and figuration together, to tell a story, beginning with an abstract shape.

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The Lover of pirates - Kalózok Szeretője de Zsófia Péterffy

(2002, 8’30’’, 35 mm)
painting on cells, cuts-outs

Freely inspired of Villon, the film tells about Jenny, an humiliated woman who sees with the arrival of a pirate ship her dream od revenge comes through.

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Our Bed - A mi Ágyunk de Éva M. Tóth

(2004, 5’, 35 mm)
drawing on cel, collage

Family peep-show with extras…

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Red-flowered Orange-Blue - Pirosviragú Narancskék de Jacqueline Molnár

(2002, 5’, 35 mm)
combined techniques

The film is a free association based on a pile of found photographs.

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Revelations - Jelenések de Éva M. Tóth

(2001, 8’30’’, 35 mm)
drawing on cel

An apocryphal vision after Henoch's Apocalypse, on the revolt of angels and its aftermaths.

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The Sharpshooter - A Mesterlövész de Márton Hegedüs

(2001, 3’30’’, Betacam SP)
Cel style animation with digital ink and paint

El asesino (The Sharpshooter) is the story of a lean, cigar-smoking one-eyed assassin, and the stout, middle aged victim. The flowing blood “draws” a strange end.

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Suspended Time - Felfüggesztett idő de Laurence Bergeot-Veréb

(2004, 4’52’’, 35 mm)
Drawing on cell

Submersion into the different levels of consciousness and the border of imagination and reality.

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