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About us
What is Révélations hongroises? What are our aims?

This page is dedicated to events (festivals, programm, exhibitions, workshops…) which are related to Révélations hongroises.

Films distribution and diffusion
For the years 2008-2009, twelve films are selected and will be screened at various places and events through France and Europe.

Films production and projects
From 2005, Révélations hongroises is involved in the production of films and the coordination of production in between Hungary and French-speaking countries with technical support and consulting activities.
At the moment, we are taking part in the production of The Mouse with A Mouth (Le Mulot menteur), a film of the Hungarian director Andrea Kiss together with Ambiances… (Belgium), Kecskemétfilm Kft. (Hungary) and Els’Anime (France).
We also dub or subtitle some of the films we screen.

To submit a film
Strictly speaking, Révélations hongroises is not a festival. It’s a kind of rendez-vous, a permanent forum of the young Hungarian animated film. In January 2008 a selection comitee will choose the films of the 2009-2010 season. The organizers will propose the choosen films to several organisations (such as festivals, schools, art center…) for screenings. Some extract of the selected movies will be on line on this web site and on the liflet “Révélations hongroises 2009-2010”.

In the future Révélations hongroises will propose a set of exhibitions around animated film in Hungary (young filmmakers, history…). Now, we already propose an exhibitionaround the making of the film of Andrea Kiss, The Mouse With A Mouth (Le Mulot menteur).
This exhibition has been already shown in several places and festivals (Plein la bobine 2006, La Bourboule France, Aye Aye Film Festival 2006, Nancy France, Kino Achteinhalb, Sarrebrücken Germany…) and is suitable for all public. If you want more information about this exhibition, please of the association.

Texts and analyses (only in French)
From the 1st of April 2007, Révélations hongroises proposes a set of texts around animated film in Hungary from several authors. There will be films reviews, analyses or “dossier” on a film or a filmmaker.

In this heading, you can read about ancient event in which the society was involved.

We would like to thank everybody who has helped us or who has cooperated with us.

Révélations hongroises proposes some links about young Hungarian animated film and also about animated film in general, short film and about Hungary and the relationship between French-speaking countries and Hungary.

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Web site information
In this heading, there is credits and legal information about copyright (texts, photos, authors…), about browsing (accessibility, compatibility with some internet browsers and newsreaders).

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