Biographies of the filmmakers

Tibor Bánóczki

born in 1977 in Sárospatak

Born in 1977 in Sárospatak
Studies: Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts, Craft and Design, section animation. Filmmaker and script writer; he’s working as animator since 1996. Enthousiastic about literature, he writes novels and screenplays.

Filmography: Ebédszünet (Lunch break), 1998; Perpetuum Mobile, 1998; Motel 13, 1998; 3-4, 1999; Holtágban (Dead Water), 2001; A fiatalság megnyugtat (Youth calms me down), 2002

Laurence Bergeot-Veréb

born in 1970 in Paris

After studies in Saskatchewan (Canada) until 1988, she moves to France and then to Hungary in 1992.
In 1995, she graduated from Hungarian academy of Arts and Craft, department of animation.

Filmography: The Fear, 1993 ; Light and Shadows, 1996 ; Felfüggesztett idő (Suspended Time), 2004

Márton Hegedüs

born in 1973 in Budapest

Musician and filmmaker. The cinema of animation is the medium which enabled him to join together its passions for the music and the drawing.

Filmography: Az Első Eset (The Case Number 1), 1998; A Temetés (The Funerals), 1999; Zeneszoba (Music Room), 1999; A Mesterlövész (The Sharpshooter / El Asesino), 2000; Kis Nagy Város (Little Big Town), 2001

István Heim

born in 1972 in Roumanie

Studies: Art school of Marosvásárhely, department of graphics, Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts, Craft and Design, department of animation.

Filmography: Állatok (Animals), 1998; Advertisement for Radio Juventus, 1998; Animated logo for Ex-ist Studio, 1999; Szelavi (C’est la vie / So is life), 2000

Andrea Kiss

born in 1973 in Budapest

Andrea Kiss is an animated film director, illustrator and graphic artist.
Graduated from MIE (Hungarian Academy of Crafts and Design in Budapest), she’s working with animated film since 1990. She has been working as an animator in different studios (Aardman, Studio Magica, Studio Ex-ist…) and on numerous independent projects.
She has been directing 10 short animated films. The most known are
The Sink Song (Csap Dal) and The Fairy With the Seven Heads (Hétfejű Tündér), films which has been selected in many festivals and awarded several times.
Besides, she is involved in many creative activities (drawing, painting, book illustration, poster, web site designing) and her work has been exhibited in different countries.
She has conducted several workshops around graphic art and animation film (France, Germany, Hungary, Norway…).
Now she is working on a 20 minutes cut-out film after the story of Ervin Lázár
, The Mouse who Lived in the Stars.

As a director: There is Always Something to Topple; A Főnix útja (The Way of the phenix), 1992; Desdemonica; Gemini, 1993; Csap-Dal / The Sink Song, 1995; Lommen, 1995; Reklame TV2 (jingle for the Norwegian TV), 1997; Hétfejű Tündér (The Fairy With The Seven Heads), 1999; Krok-film, 2001; Et patati et patata (Signal-film of the 5th Wissembourg Animated Film Festival), 2003; Jeux de billes (Signal-film of the 6th Wissembourg Animated Film Festival), 2005
As an animator: Huset på Kampen (One Day a Man Bought a House), 1998; Advertisement for Pringles (Aardman Studio), 1999; Apteka (Pharmacy), 2001

Éva M. Tóth

born in 1962 in Kaposvár

Studies: Hungarian academy of Arts and Craft, department of animation and graphic design.
Designer and filmmaker.

Filmography: Amszterdam (Amsterdam), 1994; Liaison,1996; Et in Arcadia Ego…, 1999; Révélations, 2001; Animare Necesse Est…, 2002; A Mi Ágyunk (Our Bed), 2004; Lajka Emlék (Lajka’s Memory), 2005

Kati Macskássy

born in 1942

Studies: Hungarian Academy of Drama and Film.

Filmography: I Think Life is a Great Happiness, 1967; Began with It Could Happen in Budapest, If… 1970; Gombnyomásra (Pushing Button), 1973; It Couldn’t Be True, 1974; The lame Aunt, 1980; Our Fists ,1981; Our Body, 1982; Family Picture, 1983; Tücsök és hangya (The Cricket and the Ant), 1987; Hagyatek (The Heritage), 1990; Van itt jó is, rossz is… (There is good things and bad things here), 1997

Jacqueline Molnár

born in 1973 in Budapest

Studies: Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts, Craft and Design, department of animation
book illustrator (especially children books).

Filmography: Nefelejcs (Forgetmenot), 1996; Szemfényvesztés (Illusion), 1998; Pirosvirágú Narancskék (Blue-orange with red flowers), 2002

Zsofia Péterffy

born in 1971 in Budapest

Studies: Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts, Craft and Design, department of animation.
Painter, filmmaker, she is involved in the organization of events and exhibitions (Frames of light...) around animated film in Hungary.

Filmography: Démonoknak nemzetsége (Clan of demons), 1997; Szaggatlak, mint fergeteg (Tearing You up as the Storm), 1999; Kalózok Szeretöje (The Lover of Pirates), 2002; A Kocsihajtó (The Charioteer), 2003

Katalin Riedl

born in 1974 in Budapest

Born in Budapest in 1974.
Studies: Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts, Craft and Design, department of animation

Filmography: Négy Kérdés (Four Questions), 1996; Szelavi, (C’est la vie / So is life), 1998; Tündérké (Fairies), 2003

Kinga Rofusz

born in 1970 in Budapest

After graduating from Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts, department of Animation, she realized her first film in 1994 and since 1997, she’s working at Pannóniafilm Studio.

Filmography: Silence, 1994 ; Hungarian Pictures / Study, 1998 ; Arlequin, 2003

Zsuzsana Szabó

born in 1970 in Budapest

Studies : Hungarian Academy of Applied Arts, Department of Animation and Teacher Training between 1991 and 1999 - Volda College, Norway, department of Animation as an exchange student (1998).
She's currently a filmmaker and she teaches animation to children and schools' teachers.

As a director: Lehet Próbálkozni (
We Can Try), 1987; A Főnix útja, (The Way of the phenix), 1992; Othello, 1994; Harc (Fight), 1994; A Szimurg (The Simorgh), 1999; Krok-film, 2001; Hány kocka egy másodperc? (How Many Frames A Second?), 2002
As an animator:
Apothek (Pharmacy), 2001