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Jean-Philippe Salvadori: personal works


As a director:


 by Philippe Brioude & Jean-Philippe Salvadori
(2006, 10’, Mini DV)

The film is an itinerary in the park of the castle which turn in a route through art.

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Bla bla - (Et patati et patata)  - signal-film of the 5th RICA (Wissembourg Animation Film Festival)

by Andrea Kiss & Jean-Philippe Salvadori
(2003, 1’10’, 35 mm)
puppet animation

Three little creatures appear in a small and sleepy town. They wake up the people in a magic way and drive them to a film screening.

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As a producer or as a technician:

Cheonggyecheon - 청계천

(2011, 3 min. 45 sec., HD video)

digital painting - 2D computer

Seoul, a summer night. A family’s journey, between dream and reality, through the streets of the megalopolis guided by mysterious creatures to a small and magical stream: the Cheonggyecheon.

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The Mouse with a Mouth (Le Mulot menteur)

by Andrea Kiss
(19 min. 25 sec. - 35 mm - 1 :1.85 - color)

Deep in the woods at dusk, the animals gather in the wild boar’s pub to listen to the stories of the Mouse.
The Mouse, at first glance, a small and insignificant character, is indeed the most famous animal in the woods. A storyteller borrowing from myth and reality, he reveals to each animal that crosses his way hidden aspects of their personality.
That night, the way back home through the darkness of the woods will take much longer than expected…

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Marbles (Jeux de billes) - Trailer of the 6th RICA (Wissembourg Animation Film Festival)

by Andrea Kiss
(2005, 1’08’’, Mini DV)
drawing, object animation

An abstract universe of visual plays: lights flicking on and off, shadows and marbles Some mysterious red creatures appear, ride the marbles and the lights in a tremendous mechanical ballet.

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Graphic works

Online on: Mid-March 2015.


La Mémoire des écailles

The book of Poetry of Jean-Philippe Salvadori illustrated by Andrea Kiss.

More about La Mémoire des écailles (This item is only available in French).



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