Révélations hongroises: The films of the season 2007-2008

C’est la vie - Szelavi de István Heim, Katalin Riedl

(2000, 5’38’’, Betacam SP)
paintings on paper assembled by computer

A dog bits off the heroïne’s hands. The woman cries for help but nobody sees and hears her.

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Court Record - In memoriam Peter Mansfeld - Jegyzőkönyv Mansfeld Péter emlékére de Zoltán Szilágyi Varga

(2006, 7’22’’, 35 mm)

At the age of 17, Péter Mansfeld was arrested during the 1956 Hungarian revolution. Two years later, Péter Mansfeld was judged as an of age people for his participation to the uprising and his refusal to give the names of his companions. He was sentenced to death.
Just after the 50
th anniversary of the 1956 revolution, this animated documentary is an account on the terrible repression process in Hungary after 1956.

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Dead Water - Holtágban de Tibor Bánóczki

(2001, 5’27’’, 35 mm)
painting on paper

A former holiday ressort with its polluted waters that don’t interested anyone anymore; an old train, an worn-out old railwayman, an accident and those two girls who wait there, where no one waits anymore.

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East Park de Zoltán Ceglédi


East Park is a serial made in flash which depict the every day life of four loosers in nowadays Budapest.

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East Park - Christmas special - East Park - Karácsonyi Rész de Zoltán Ceglédi

(2002, 5’31’’, )

The mad rush of the Christmas shopping in a department store in Budapest. Hypnotized by music and lightshows, the customers are only focused on one aim: to buy, to buy and to buy. But then an unexpected event occurs in this “brave new world”.

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East Park - Demonstration - East Park Tüntetés de Zoltán Ceglédi

(2002, 5’59’’, )

Budapest at the rush hours. The traffic jam on the main bridge is increasing until a car runs out of petrol and block the bridge. The other car drivers, exasperated, begin to be threatening. The guy runs out of his car and shout that it is a demonstration. And everybody begin to demonstrate. But do they know at least what for?

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East Park - Go East! de Zoltán Ceglédi

(2004, 13’17’’, )

Our four heroes are fed up not to have money and to live by their wits. They decide to go to the countryside, even if it is said to be quite far away.
They take the train to a place called “the magic mountain”.
In this episode, we learn that silliness doesn’t stop business.

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Lajka’s Memory - Lajka-Emlék de Éva M. Tóth

(2005, 4’, 35 mm)
drawing on cel, collage

Lajka’s memory takes its starting point from a basic fundamental experience.

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Supermarket - Szupermarket de Csilla Temesvári

(1998, 5’, Betacam SP)
paintings on paper assembled by computer

A little girl is shopping with her mother in a big supermarket. She gets lost and finally…

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There is good things and bad things here - Van itt, jó is, rossz is… de Kati Macskássy

(1997, 11’30’’, 35 mm)
photos, drawings…

How do Hungarian children see their country in the end of the 90s?

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